About Skylight

Skylight Philosophy

Skylight is a micro-cap private equity firm investing in companies with less than $5M EBITDA. Our focus is the Western U.S. with a specific focus on the Pacific Northwest.

Skylight operates using three simple tenets in our investment approach:

  • We work with people we like who are passionate about what they do
  • We protect the legacy and the culture of the companies at all costs
  • We bend over backward to be a great partner to sellers, their teams and our investors

Our priorities for managing our businesses are also simple and well defined:

  • We focus on our team first
  • We focus on our customer(s) second
  • If we do #1 and #2 well, Skylight will provide great returns for investors

The Result

This philosophy and set of priorities has led to a decade-long history of partnering with great managers, building great teams, and delivering superior returns to investors and sellers alike.